Starting exercise after a long hiatus

I hope ‘hiatus’ doesn’t bring up memories of hiatal hernias, but I did stop exercising for almost 3 years: nothing, niente, nada, rien, nichego, etc. When I started up again, I had no weights and no gym membership. (I just checked; I haven’t blogged on this start-up before).

Looking around for found items to exercise with, the only thing I found was my wife’s pilates bench with some light therabands. That is where I began. I am on my way to the gym now and am working four programs so I do gym thrice and home/garage w/o once a week. It is working extremely well for me. My PCP and heart doctor saw me the past couple of weeks and gave me appointments for 6 months out and my dermatologist (old people get funny growths on their skin in weird places) doesn’t want to see me for a year (assuming the biopsy comes back negative).

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