A Shift in Programs

Once I got to the point with the core program – a set of 6 exercises arranged in pairs – where it was no challenge, I looked for a full body program and found one. Five exercises with increasing reps and decreasing weight, ending with 100 push-ups. I’ve been getting 40 regularly and, as I discussed in my last entry, Starting Exercise After a Long Hiatus, I start easy. The program itself calls for completing the count but pauses are allowed to reach a cumulative total. For two of them, the rows and the push-ups, I halved the final count but have quickly built up to the total on one; but on the 100 push-ups I am sticking to 50 until I can do them without a pause.

In the gym on the assist rack I have finally reached the final weight plate and am now taking off only 20 pounds. So far it is clear I have over a month of pull-ups before I can reduce to 15 pounds, then 10, then zero. At that point, I will switch to a regular pull-up bar and begin training on that because I am sure those ‘naked’ pull-ups will not be entirely satisfactory.
My one-legged squats have reached one minute on each leg routinely so I am switching to similar squat exercises, the first one I tried being the pistol squat. Next time I think I’ll go to dynamic one-legged squats (these are also known as Bulgarian or Rumanian squats).
Also, regarding the L-sits, the gym now has the bars called parallettes for L-sits and other exercises. Believe it or not, I fell off twice trying them out. Sitting with arms stiff supporting you and then dropping suddenly shakes you up even though it is only a drop of a few inches. So I am continuing my L-sit progressive exercises at home to eventually get to the bars.

My alternating curls have been OK but I dropped the weight to a 30 pound barbell curled and French curled 5 times steadily until 10 minutes have passed, with pauses. The other elements in that program are changed only where they conflict with another program. I find that a good rest of one or two days does allow for a better workout, so I would not want to do push-ups the day after doing 50.

It is all very enjoyable and makes me feel good.

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