NyahII sept 28, lesson 48 E25

Nyah asked: are we continuing the story which shows she understood ‘groupe’
word building chanteur, voleur, voyageur,
she wanted to know how I remembered clavier
comment s’appelle le groupe?
She says ‘face’. That comes from some show she watches
so it is ‘faceless’ and I added ‘pas de visage’ (‘sans visage’ would have been better)

qui ecoute who listens? a lot (it turns out there is a group by that name)
beaucoup d’argent ?
yeah, they’re rich.
ils jouent aux etats unis ou en france?
ils jouent a la boite, concert?
the beach………. (shows inventiveness)
no, on a world tour (I suggested Chad, a francophone country)
Chad n’a pas une mer so no beach
She explains what where Chad is etc. (looking at sketch of map)

est-ce que Sandy a un copain?
No, just friends. Sandy is married
comment s’appelle?
‘we said before she is married’
comment s’appelle le mari
robert……… bob!! (insisting on the English nickname)
est-ce qu’elle est jeune
arranged marriage
est-ce qu’ils ont des concerts
of course
buy a white board….. (her suggestion)
ok, j’achete……
you’ll buy……….

This whole lesson shows really good comprehension.

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