Weight gain and a new diet

Yesterday, Dec. 29, 2022, I got the basis of my new diet started, heavy on meat and vegetables and fruit and nuts, light on cheeses and eggs and breads and ‘white stuff.’ What effect this will have will show up in my body morphology (spare tire, muffin top, etc.) and weight as well as my lab report.
However, recently I’ve been climbing from 155 lbs. to 167. I had a break in my usual practice about four months ago and went up to 160. From there I’ve steadily climbed. My wife says, charitably, it could be muscle because she says I don’t eat that much and I exercise a lot. The one thing I can think that might do it is that the gain parallels a new exercise program and stresses me a lot, so maybe muscle growth might be real. Yea!
But we’ll see.

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