Left or Right?

No, not my politics; we know where they lie. It’s handedness. I’ve always known my handedness as “mixed dominance,” doing some things only with the left hand and others only with the right hand. Most people respond quickly with, “So you’re ambidextrous.”
No. It is mixed dominance. For example, I write with my left hand but can only scribble with my right, while I throw with my right hand but can only awkwardly toss with my left.
While some advantages accrue to left-handed people, there is little understanding of mixed dominance because we are less than 1% of the population!
I did not know that. I’ve always known my brain was a bit scrambled, my handedness being evidence or symptom. What that meant I had never discovered and had never researched.
Recently my wife has opined seriously that she thinks I might be autistic. I considered it but we also discussed the very different ways we had been raised i.e. socialized and acculturated. We have two autistic grandsons (no genetic connection from us), so we are somewhat familiar with autistic characteristics. However, most of my unorthodox way of doing some organizational and spatial arrangements might be attributed to my left-handedness. More fundamentally, whatever produces handedness may also determine one’s way of organizing and arranging his world. 

At any rate, I am happy with myself. The connection to autism might lie in the positing of late maturing of the brain. OTOH, I had none of the academic or behavioral problems noted in some sites I went to on this matter. I had 3 speech impediments but early therapy cleared them up. Funny, given that language has been at the center of my interests in life.

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