A silly plot come true

A recent television series depicts a British Prime Minister who hires an international assassin to blow up a British ship so he can take credit for taking down the assassin. My own thought was that that was all there was to it, he’d get credit for arresting the guy, but it is revealed that the PM wants the guy dead so he will not reveal who hired him.
I thought that seemed a reach for a film that does strain credulity somewhat (see the reviews, mostly good, of The Diplomat) until the horrible thought struck me that that is just what Donald Trump would do.
Trump would do it to be in the limelight not to get himself reelected but to be in the limelight, because every second of every minute and every minute of every hour Trump must prove to himself that he exists. That is his driving force and that is why aides said the way to get Trump to read even one page of a report or document was to pepper it with his name, as in, “Look! There’s my name, therefore I exist.”

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