No one is going to protest a 50+ year high school reunion where to old and now replaced mascot was a Confederate soldier known as a rebel. Nevertheless, how about the sentiments of those Black students, like my wife and her brother, who attended the school back then?
The division between MAGAs and normies is so great that rational discourse is not on the table, but it might serve to look at a 50+ year reunion of a few years ago, my brother-in-law’s, of the same school, same time period. I would imagine my brother-in-law got an invite, too. His reunion was handled tastefully and none of the Black people at our table was offended. The Confederate emblems, symbols and flags were set aside on a table for everyone to view if they wanted to. The people I was with were able to joke about it while preserving the hurt over the slights they went through in the past.
I look forward to hearing from one of my wife’s friends who is active in the reunion efforts and holds people’s feet to the fire on the racial issue, permitting no non-sensical “we all got along” mottos. In fact, for my wife’s reunion, she led a group, racially mixed, of disaffected alums who were put off by the Confederate, slave-holding image.
Bear in mind, some of this could be ancient history for most people if racism had not continued. Those who in the past denied the survival of it (recall Reagan’s acknowledgement of “a trace of bigotry”) can now wallow in its resurgence under the MAGA movement.

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