The MAGA defense of a killer

The harrying of John Wilkes Booth by the government was a deep state operation. What did he do? We have to understand his frame of mind. His favorite country had just been defeated, the man responsible was identified as one Abraham Lincoln, and this man was the head of and the epitome of the deep state. In his administration, the federal government, which until his arrival in the White House had been little more than a gentlemen’s club with a dearth of true gentlemen, grew exponentially.
Such an expansion of government, even a government Booth did not recognize as legitimate – and that is his right! – is intolerable to free men who have to get back to driving their slaves instead of fighting a war just to keep their freedom from this deep state.
Booth was entitled to his opinion and as long as he was acting in good conscience, he was to be let alone, not harried throughout the land. How do we know Booth’s opinion and intent? He declared it himself as he jumped down onto the stage, thereby placing himself on history’s stage, and shouted, “Sic semper tyrannis!” Who can blame a person for shooting tyrants?
You may not agree that Lincoln was a tyrant and you are entitled to your opinion, as Booth was. But you can at least agree with me that a great injustice was done to Booth the name and Booth the man.

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