I’ve been tracking the one third……….

for about a decade now. About one third of the country will believe the White House is staffed by aliens or lizard people and that trickle down economics is a good idea. I love the way Francis Fukuyama dismisses these people.
However…. they ARE one third. Trump may get more than one third of their vote and less than a third may be members of a Posse Comitatus militia but in one form or another, they are there. What do we do with them?

They don’t know how our government or any government works. They believe the Hollywood myth of America being settled by lone gunmen. They believe the Southern myth of the Lost Cause and White Supremacy. They devour Sunday supplement articles mining 19th century writings on Social Darwinism. One upper South governor said his constituents believe the first thing they hear about something new and will never change from that. Huge numbers believe all is illusion and Jesus is coming back the third Saturday after Tuesday.

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  1. 伟思礼 says:

    I know there are people who believe in the “reptilian overlords” but I doubt they are a third of the country.  Nor do I think a third of the country believes Trump can do no wrong.  But of those who do, the latter concerns me more than the former.

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