I’ve got my pride

My wife tells me how the White folk driving through Phoenix and running out of gas and money would come to the Black churches for a handout. One person I mentioned this to jumped in with, “Oh, because they knew the Black people would be kind, etc.” and I corrected them with, “No, it was because they could not humble themselves before White people but they did not care what Black people thought.”
OTOH, they were protected from Whites finding out how destitute they were due to segregation; no Whites would ever know what was going on in a Black church.
When the ACA came about, people were happy to get the medical insurance, but once they found out that ACA aka Obama Care, they bailed out. They could not be seen publicly taking help from a Black person.
Think about the line in To Kill a Mockingbird when the Black defendant stated he felt sorry for the White girl. That doomed him.
This same undertow of bizarre White racism based on caste has to be taken into account when accounting for the mentality of the MAGA people.

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