What bugs you most about MAGA people?

Is it possibly that they go on the internet, read whatever strikes their interest and supports their presuppositions and then think it’s true?
In another blog post I cited an article saying education is the principle dividing line in our society, i.e. that it is education or the lack of it that determines in large part your ability to assess your sources of information. IOW, you have to be ignorant to, first of alll, believe random crap on the internet and, second of all, not realize that you are believing only things that appeal to your prior knowledge, prejudices, and so forth.


  1. 伟思礼 says:

    I find it sad that “confirmation bias” (to give it more niceness than it deserves) is so prevalent.  But I find that it is not confined to right-wingers.

    1. Pat Barrett says:

      No. Right. It is a fault in thinking and we are all vulnerable. Some just want to remain vulnerable because it makes them feel more comfortable than facing hard truths. Think Israeli/Hama/Gaza. This applies as well to “questioning BS.” I found a funny comment in a review of a popular movie a while back in which the character responded to things she didn’t like with “BS!” The reviewer said it was so typical of the 60s. As a 60s person it was so funny to hear my age-mate buddy say BS to me on two different occasions regarding things he did not inquire about but just did not like. A simple response to complex issues does not always work.

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