What doesn’t matter in the U.S.

Amendments to the Constitution that some people don’t like e.g. insurrectionists cannot serve in offices under the U.S. Definitions are important but what would we call Jan. 6? Watch and listen to Trump and then to his followers and you decide, gentle citizen.
What else? Voting in the majority. A perverse system designed to keep the powerful in powerful positions remains despite a clear majority having voted for Clinton in 2016 and Trump taking the presidency despite losing.
Ask yourself, cui bono? Who benefits now from such a system, now that they have lost their slaves? Isn’t the fact that Wyoming with its 856 voters gets the same representation in the Senate as California with its 800,000, 000 voters a bit of a sop to the low-population states so that at least voters in all states could think their votes count?
Ask the Federalist Society, made up of those determined to keep the power of the government out of the hands of people like me.

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