How does Trump survive?

I don’t mean politically; I mean mentally. Here’s an example: most observers with more than 2 intact brain cells noticed in Trump’s quoting of a ‘world leader’ that he had the world leader addressing him as ‘sir.’ No world leader would address another world leader in this subservient tone as Trump rectied the interchange. So we know the story was false, as is most of what Trump says.
But there’s more to this. Trump tells the story like that not only to his followers but, importantly, to himself. He must see himself reflected in others as superior, the best and the most. Otherwise, he cannot really believe in himself, believe he exists. That is the true narcissist. Yet his followers eat it up. Why? If a person on their job site were to tell them about an encounter with the boss in which the boss addressed him as ‘sir’ the coworkers would laugh at him. But Trump’s MAGA folks don’t laugh at Trump; they revel in the humiliation of a ‘world leader’ as ‘their guy’ lords it over him. That is their revenge and redemption.

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