The real shift

For all my life I and my friends have gently ridiculed conservatives and their “bible based” crack-pot ideas about lost tribes and the naked greed of the ‘serious’ economic theorists, not to mention the out-landish bigotry of them all. Lurking among them was a figure we tamped down in our minds: the lynch rope. For us it was a symbol of Southern intransigence and ignorant brutality, but it was much simple and broader than that: the power of violence.
Until Trump, those looney conservatives had to be tolerated in the interest of an open society; but we were numerous and strong in our education and uprightness.
Then along came Trump and unleashed it all and we became afraid. Out with the gentle humor and in with the savage humor and ridicule because the My Cousin Vinny Southern drawl now sounded throughout the land and the lynch rope has dawned once more as our national symbol. Now we snow-flakes know fear and along with fear comes hatred. And it is strong.

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